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管密封 THRIVE In The Great Indoors


Duct Repair to Help You Save Energy & 成本

如果你有中央 加热空调 system in your home, you rely on a series of ducts to carry warmed or cooled air to different rooms. 老, 破解, or leaking air ducts can lead to significant energy loss, 室内空气质量差, 和 higher-than-necessary 加热 和 cooling bills. The best way to prevent all these problems? 专业风管密封.

金字塔式供暖 & 制冷,我们自豪地提供 管密封 in 波特兰, 弯曲, 和 the surrounding areas. Our technicians are fully trained 和 experienced in the latest HVAC technology 和 can help you find a solution suited to your home 和 your budget.

给我们打电话 (503) 783-8488 or 在线葡京会手机版下载 to learn more about our 管密封 in 弯曲 和 波特兰! 




The High Cost of Leaking Ducts

Even the smallest of cracks 和 holes in your home’s ductwork can end up costing you far more than you may realize. 事实上, improperly sealed air ducts reduce your comfort 和 the overall performance of your 加热 和 空调 system while simultaneously driving up your monthly utility bills.

Leaking air ducts can cause the following problems:

  • Up to 25 – 40% loss of heated or cooled air
  • Stuffier, less comfortable rooms/areas of your home
  • 不均匀的室温
  • Reduced airflow 和 circulation
  • Decreased indoor air quality
  • 每月能源成本上升
  • A harder-working HVAC system, leading to more breakdowns 和 problems

Some reports estimate that as many as 95% of all residential homes with central 加热/cooling systems have leaking ducts. If this includes you, you’re paying for wasted air.

金字塔加热 & 冷却会有帮助.

我们的综合弯 & 波特兰 管密封 服务

We offer comprehensive 管密封 in 波特兰, 弯曲, 和 the nearby areas. Using advanced techniques 和 state-of-the-art products, we can effectively seal your home’s ductwork, dramatically reducing the amount of energy lost, 提高舒适度, 和 helping you save money every month. +, your 加热 和 cooling system won’t have to work so hard to keep you 和 your family comfortable, meaning you’ll likely experience fewer issues 和 breakdowns 和 a longer-lasting, 更好的工作系统.

If you’re interested in learning more about our 管密封 services or would like to schedule an appointment with our team, please get in touch with us at your earliest convenience. We can answer your questions 和 help you find the perfect solution for your home.

波特兰管道维修 & 安装

Do you suspect a problem with your duct system? Whether the ductwork has leaks, cracks, or crushed sections, our technicians at 金字塔加热 & 冷却 have the technical expertise 和 the right tools to repair the problem right away. 另外, we provide duct installation for 弯曲 和 波特兰 homes without built-in ductwork or homes that need to extend their existing system.

How To Tell That You Need Duct Repair

1. 〇水电费上涨 If there's a leak somewhere in your air ducts, then your HVAC unit is going to have to work double-time to keep the thermostat happy 和 that extra work doesn't come free.

2. 暖通空调性能差 If you're not getting the 加热 or cooling that you need, it could be because of loss in your ducts that could use the attention of our duct repair specialists.

3. Less air coming from air vents - When you have loss in your ducts, you won't be getting the same air pressure coming out of your air vents. So if it's not your HVAC unit's blower fan then it's likely your ductwork.

4. 〇新的声音 Always make sure to note what your ductwork sounds like 和 note any abrupt changes in sounds to our 波特兰 duct repair experts. It usually means changes in air pressure which means something likely is leaking air.

5. 可见磨损- It's important to inspect your ductwork annually to make sure there aren't any changes in shape or structure. Get a flashlight 和 run your finger along any suspicious divots to make sure there aren't any holes.

Schedule an appointment for 波特兰 duct repair or 管密封 in 弯曲 or surrounding areas with 金字塔加热 & 今天冷! 

What Makes Us Your Best Choice?

  • 健康家居倡导者
    We're not just here to change your equipment. We want the overall health of your home to THRIVE.
  • 可用的24/7
    We have technicians available around-the-clock to service you when you need us most.
  • 我们的工艺
    We consistently deliver the highest level of quality installations, repairs, 和 service.
  • 我们的技术人员
    We are invested in our staff 和 technicians to ensure they receive the highest level of training.
  • 融资选择

    Our many financing options with approved credit will give you the peace of mind you deserve. 


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